Grad school opens new doors to your career. We’ll help you get into the very best.

 Doorway to College Foundation is proud to partner with William Brubaker, a world-class professional GMAT and GRE tutor. William has over 12 years and 8,000 hours of experience coaching students to success at the most selective business schools in the country.


How does it work?

·       Individual tutoring with a GMAT / GRE master, tailored to your academic background and goals

·        A proprietary curriculum and progress tracking system that evolves as your course progresses

·        Each program starts with a one-hour meeting to set goals and determine the overall structure of the course.

·        Price: $180 / hour with discounts on packages of 15 hours or more


What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test is a multiple choice, Computer-Adaptive Test that is golbally utilized for admission to graduate management and business programs. The GMAT is designed to assess quantitive reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning and analytical writing.


What is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination is a multiple choice, Computer-Adaptive Test widely utilized for graduate program admissions in the U.S. The GRE is designed to assess quantitive reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing.


Which test is right for me?

Choosing between the GMAT and GRE depends on what type of graduate program you want to attend. The GMAT was designed specifically for business school admissions assesment but, many business schools in the U.S. accept both the GMAT and the GRE. If your goal is a graduate program in a field other than business, the GRE is likely the right choice.



Meet William Brubaker: Our Expert GMAT / GRE Tutor

William is a full-time, professional GMAT, GMAT Focus, GRE, and EA tutor with over 12 years of full-time tutoring experience. He has logged over 8,000 hours tutoring those subjects. His students have been accepted at top graduate schools including Anderson School of Business at UCLA, Booth School of Business at University of Chicago, Columbia Business School, Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, Harvard Business School, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, London Business School, Marshall School of Business at USC, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stern School of Business at New York University, Tuck School of Business Dartmouth, University of Oxford, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

 William uses proprietary database software and practice questions from official guides and major schools to teach the strategies students need to learn in order to do well on their exams. To identify their weak areas and focus on them more deeply, he employs data analysis to track his students’ performance on the application of the strategies and principles required to do well on the exam.

During the first lesson, William evaluates the student's proficiencies in the main categories and from then on uses materials that are likely to advance those proficiencies. He assigns homework after each lesson, consisting of a review of the previous meeting, GMAT idiom or GRE vocabulary flashcards, new and previously missed questions, and a report of the strategies has missed multiple times.

 William has received numerous positive reviews from past students, who have described him as a "phenomenal," "patient," “brilliant”, “awesome”, “effective”, “organized”, “thorough”, “amazing” and "knowledgeable" tutor. His tutoring method has helped many students raise their scores and achieve their desired results.

 William earned degrees in Architecture and Business at the University of California at Berkeley.


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