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A score increase of even 1 point on the ACT can be a significant advantage. Students who complete a ZAPS ACT Seminar—and practice the tips and strategies at home—typically raise their ACT scores by 1 to 4 points.  

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Students score their best With a ZAPS seminar 

There's a lot riding on the ACT—and a lot of pressure on your student. Fortunately, ZAPS helps students achieve their highest personal scores. Register your student now for a five-hour, ZAPS ACT Strategy Seminar at a nearby location. And, if your student needs an extra boost, ask how ZAPS helps build skills and confidence in a two-and-a-half-hour ACT subject-review webinar.


In the 5-hour ZAPS ACT test-preparation strategy-focused seminar, your student will learn—

    • The directions for each question type to save time during the test 
    • What to expect in the types of questions and difficulty level
    • How to use your partial knowledge to gain points
    • Effective time management techniques
    • Specific techniques, strategies, and tips for each subtest
    • A plan for writing a high-scoring essay on any topic
    • How to use study time most effectively in the days leading up to the test


With a ZAPS ACT Strategy Seminar, your student will receive targeted student materials that make study fun and easy.

ACT materials 2013-2015

ZAPPING THE ACT Study Guide, a comprehensive resource filled with all these and more:

    • The tips and strategies presented in the seminar
    • Extensive Grammar review
    • A five-step plan for writing a high-scoring essay
    • Comprehensive Mathematics review
    • Story problem strategies
    • Detailed answer explanations for each test item in every practice-test Workout
    • An individual study plan for the days leading up to the test

Four Practice-Test Workout booklets with a total of 24 Workouts customized for efficient practice and convenient study.

    • English (6 practice-test Workouts)
    • Math (6 practice-test Workouts)
    • Reading (6 practice-test Workouts)
    • Science (6 practice-test Workouts)


ZAPS instructors not only know the test and how best to prepare, they like teaching high school students. You can expect your student's instructor to be helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. ZAPS instructors are test specialists, thoroughly trained in the ACT. 

This seminar rocks! I'm ready to rock the ACT!